Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Here!

Well after a long and drawn out journey I'm finally here in Iraq! It's a lot different than the last time I was here, that's for sure. The best way to describe it is that it is very modernized, which is nice because now I don't have to use a port-a-john (if you have never experienced it for months at a time I don't suggest it). There are fast food places, a movie theatre, and even a coffee for me in the next six months will be alright I think.

I also found out in transit that I sold my first Skate Deck Pet Feeder! That was the highlight of my trip, but I found out very quickly that it's sometimes difficult to convey exactly what needs to be done via email...everything is going fine, though, I have fantastic friends for sure! My sister also got the skate decks that I sent her in San Francisco, so I hope everyone has a positive response to them on the West Coast as well.

Finally, is also up and running, thanks Deke! I wish I would have taken better pictures of the boards, my fault I was in a hurry to get everything done before I left, but overall it looks great and offers more options on boards that you can buy. Now here's to hoping I can get over the timezone hump out here and get a decent nights sleep.

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