Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafty Bas@ar!s of the Week

And now for our Crafty Bas@ar!s of the Week...deckstool.

Stools and benches out of recycled skateboard decks?  Now them's some crafty bastar#s!

Created by Pennsylvania skaters Adam Podlaski and his brother Jason, Deckstool's and benches are made up of recycled trucks and skateboard decks and run between $175 and $550.  Well worth the cash for a unique piece o' furniture I say.

recycled skateboard bench - Custom

You can check out their designs on or
Be sure to go to their Etsy site quick...From now until the end of February they are offering a MID-February Sale.  Through the end of February 2011, all deckstools are $25 off plus FREE continental US shipping! ($175 + $25 off shipping for international orders.) They are also taking $150 off all deckbench orders!

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  1. Very cool, I love coming across items that are made using recycled materials!